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Parostok Organic Fertilizers by UNIFLOR Ukraine

Modern society has long been confronted with the urgent problem of environmental pollution and the consequences of irrational use of natural resources. This also applies to agricultural activities. The development of the chemical industry in the second half of the twentieth century led to the widespread use of fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture. At that time, mineral fertilizers helped to increase crop yields, which led to their widespread use.

However, over time, the negative impact of fertilizers and pesticides did not wait. Soil erosion, decrease in soil fertility, decrease of qualitative and quantitative indicators of agricultural production, decrease of natural immunity of plants are all the result of constant use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic or mineral fertilizers?

Traditional agriculture (using mineral fertilizers) is, in many respects, inferior to organic (using organic fertilizers). Mineral fertilizers, despite the abundance of nutrients and deficiencies in plants, are artificially synthesized products and, accordingly, not live or natural. Long-term use of fertilizers has a negative impact not only on the quantity and quality of the crop, but also on the environment, including soil and natural microorganisms that feed the plants and wildlife.

The UN and international agricultural organizations are increasingly raising the issue of the transition to organic farming using organic fertilizers as an important step in restoring the environment and natural processes. Organic fertilizers are an integral part of organic farming – the only absolutely safe type of agricultural activity for the environment and humans.

Not only do UNIFLOR Ukraine’s organic fertilizers contribute to the harmonious development of all types of agricultural and ornamental crops, increase the yield and content of useful elements in products, but also make a huge contribution to the restoration of biogeocenosis.

The company “Uniflora Ukraine” is a guarantor of high quality of produced organic fertilizers under the brand name “Parostok”.