“Fertile Hectare”

Regional program “Fertile hectare”.

Teaser of the program:
regional program “Restoration of the fertility of agricultural land in Ukraine”,
which is planned to hold a series of activities aimed at improving the fertility of
agricultural land in the regions of Ukraine.
Program: is implemented by the LLC “Uniflor Ukraine” together with the
Ukrainian Laboratory of Quality and Product Safety (ULQPS) in the territory of
Duration of the program: the program is launched in 2020 and lasts 5 years for
The essence of the program:
The project participant’s land resource is taken as 1 ha of agricultural land, on
which significantly improves soil fertility for 5 years, irrespective of the type of
crops grown, and improves agrochemical, physical, mechanical and biological
indicators of the soil. The potential of this program is the restoration and
increase of soil fertility within the administrative units of the region.
Goal of the program: restoration and improvement of the fertility of agricultural
land in Ukraine.
Program objectives:
 prevent the spread of degradation processes in agricultural soils
 designation and creation of conditions for restoration and increase in soil
 lay the foundation for the gradual transition of farmers to organic
 meet the needs of farmers in the required amount of organic fertilizers and
meet the goals of the EU circular economy, combining ecology, agriculture
and crop production, food biotechnology, waste management, climate
protection and the environment
Participants of the program:
 government agencies and organizations involved in the development of
agribusiness and conducting the implementation of the control over the
usage of agricultural land;
 producers and enterprises of agricultural products in Ukraine;
 organic fertilizer companies;
 scientists and technologists of leading agricultural universities of Ukraine;
 accredited research laboratories conducting soil and agricultural analysis.
Conditions for participation in the program:
 only agricultural producers interested in the gradual transition to organic
production can participate in the program;
 several agricultural producers will be selected from each region of
Ukraine’s oblasts (area) to participate in the program;
 program coordinators reserve the exclusive right to select agricultural
producers to participate in the program;

 the cost of participation in the program is: 1st year – 48 thousand UAH,
2nd year – 22 thousand UAH, 3rd year – 9,6 thousand UAH, 4th year – 0

Program implementation plan:

Benefits for the Program participants:
• restoration and increase of soil fertility in the selected area;
• calculation of fertilizer application rates based on soil analysis and crop rotation
in the farm;
• conducting of 3 agrochemical analyzes on sites;
• analysis of qualitative and quantitative indicators of the received
agricultural products;
• Liquid preparative form of organic fertilizer Parostok® is provided free of
charge for double processing of crops;
• support of the program by experienced specialists of the company and ULQSP
• participation in all activities planned within the program (field days,
conferences, seminars);
• posting information about the program participants on the site of the company
LLC “Uniflor Ukraine “
Expected results of the program implementation:
 restoration, maintenance and increase of soil humus and soil fertility;
 increase of crop yields;
 obtaining agricultural plant products of high biological quality;
 recultivation, creation of a fertile layer on unsuitable areas for agriculture,
depleted soils;
 reduction of anthropogenic load on the environment.
 The results obtained during the implementation of practical measures
under the Agricultural Land Fertility Restoration Program will be used
throughout Ukraine.
The main provisions of the program:
 the program does not have the state status program;
 financing of the program activities is carried out at the expense of own
funds, contributions of program participants and voluntary contributions of
interested persons;
 participation in the program is purely voluntary.
Funding for the program will be directed for:
 purchase of the fertilizer “Parostok”;
 delivery of fertilizer “Parostok” to the experimental site;
 conducting of 3 agrochemical analyzes of the soil, and the 1st analysis on
qualitative indicators of production;
 remuneration for the work of the specialists of the ULQSP;

 program information support.
Program consultant: Mr. Volodymyr Chervonyi phone: +38 050 312 54 37