Liquid Form

Liquid Form of Organic Fertilizer

Liquid preparative form of organic fertilizer “GRAIN” is represented by a dark brown odorless liquid, having a neutral reaction of the solution – pH 6.5-7.0. The fertilizer contains in its composition all the components for 80-90% of the free flowing form of the organic fertilizer “SPEAKER” (brand 1) in soluble state: macro- and microelements, biologically active substances, humines, fulvic acids, natural phytohormones and symbiotic consortia.

Packing options:

  • 1 liter polyethylene bottles
  • 2 l polyethylene bottles
  • 30 l canisters.
  • 60 l canisters.
  • Plastic containers of 600 l capacity.
  • Plastic containers with a capacity of 1 000 liters.

Advantages of application of liquid preparative form of organic fertilizer “SPEED”

  • increases germination, germination energy of sowing and planting materials;
  • stimulates the development of the root system of plants;
  • stimulates growth and accelerates plant development;
  • reduces nitrate content in products;
  • impedes the accumulation of heavy metals and radionuclides in plants;
  • eliminates chlorosis, stimulates flowering and fruiting;
  • increases the biological resistance of plants to adverse environmental factors, pests and diseases;
  • promotes the production of environmentally friendly products of high biological quality, suitable for long-term storage.

Root cultivation of plants

By using this fertilizer brand, the symbiotic consortium of effective microorganisms increases and the microbial soil ecosystems have a positive, balanced appearance. Due to the use of the liquid formulation of the organic germ “FROST,” beneficial bacteria improve the development of root hairs and increase their absorption capacity. Thus, the nutrients are more effectively absorbed by plants from the soil. Microorganisms, settling on the roots of plants, enhance their biological resistance to disease, frost and drought.

 Foliar cultivation of plants

During foliar cultivation of plants, the nutrients of the liquid preparative form of the organic fertilizer “SPEAKER” are absorbed by the plants directly through the leaf apparatus, which leads to stimulation and activation of physiological and biochemical processes. There is a capture of solar energy, its accumulation and transfer to cells, accelerates the synthesis of the necessary plants enzymes, vitamins, sugar and chlorophyll. Sufficient supply of the physiological needs of plants contributes to their intense growth and development. Treated plants are able to fully provide themselves with the necessary nutrients, which leads to improved qualitative and quantitative indicators. A liquid form of organic fertilizer, penetrating through the leaf surface into the root system of plants, triggers a mechanism that allows plants to use inaccessible organic compounds.

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